ing at each other with doubts.

ing at each other with doubts.
“Although they are unjust cases, there are special reasons. At least the first three cases cannot be completely blamed on the investigators. The murderers are a group of lawless gangsters who often watch Hong Kong police and gangster movies, imitate Hong Kong’s underworld, and have a certain sense of anti-investigation. , deliberately framed the blame and misled the direction of the public security organ’s investigation. If you only look at one of them, the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.”
An unjust case is an unjust case. As long as an unjust case is found, you must be held accountable. Who cares about what you have, the superior leaders and the public? Difficulties.
Guan Ruilong realized why he was reluctant to go to Dongping to take office. He looked into his eyes and asked, “You have overturned all four unjust cases
” , what will people think?
What’s more, the cases they were investigating were not ordinary cases, but murder cases, and there were several cases. During the investigation, it was even discovered that the police handling the case and even the handling units knew the law and violated the law. The nature was serious and the impact was bad. This was an earthquake for Dongping City’s legal system.
When I came to Yushan last year, I was just as ruthless.
But the one who came to serve was the top leader, and Yushan was known as a key county in the country for drug trafficking problems. The county and even the region were willing to rectify Yushan’s public security team and improve Yushan’s public security. If you don’t send him here, someone else will be sent.
/It’s different when I go to Dongping. I don’t hold the position of top leader. There is a secretary of political and legal affairs who also serves as the director of public security. There is a deputy secretary of the party committee of the bureau, an executive deputy director, and other senior deputy directors at the division level. Will the team members welcome them? Subordinates Will you support it?
The time is right, the place is right, and the people are right. If you don’t occupy any of them, they might be ignored and become a decoration.
Wang Jifa saw it thoroughly and analyzed: “With such a big mistake, the municipal party committee, especially the Municipal Law Committee, must show an attitude and give an explanation to the superiors and subordinates. From this perspective, Secretary Meng of the Dongping Municipal Law Committee took the initiative to transfer you In the past, it was most likely a last resort. After you take office, whether and how much support you will support is a matter of fact.” ”
He knew that Secretary Lin valued you, so he took a deviant approach and transferred you. Maybe it was because of his superiors. It will be lighter when hit.” Guan Ruilong agreed and started analyzing together.
My fellow countryman has a prosperous official career, but this time he is likely to be roasted on the fire.
Chen Wenbing thought for a while and asked thoughtf