as afraid that it would be lonely, so he took it with him when he went out this time.

as afraid that it would be lonely, so he took it with him when he went out this time.
Xiaobai’s body grew uncontrollably, but his development could not keep up. Han Xuan could clearly understand that the liger was occasionally painful, just like the growing pains in his own knees.
After unpacking the beef-flavored calcium tablets made by the veterinarian and feeding them to Xiaobai, Han Xuan saw the Hummer stopped, sat in the back seat and stretched his head to look out the front window.
A large group of alpacas were lying down, lying down, and rolling, blocking the middle of the road.
These idiots are born with weak brains. The cattle, sheep and horses all know to avoid the road. Only the alpacas like to block the road.
Even if a companion has an accident and loses his life, they still enjoy it.
“The railings are broken and they are allowed to run onto the road. These guys are really a headache. I have to buy another batch of baby alpacas today. I will definitely be very tired in the following days. I swear I never want to take care of such annoying people again. We’re tired of the animals.”
Old Barton sighed, opened the door and got out of the car, and walked over to drive them away.
Those alpacas are the masters of the universe. How could they be frightened by the scolding of tiny humans? They would do whatever they should.
Even if Old Barton screamed at the top of his voice, they didn’t bother to pay attention and looked at him with contempt on their heads that were blown by the wind into a fashionable middle-parted hairstyle.
The window glass of the bulletproof car could not be opened. Han Xuan rummaged in the bag and found an apple for snacks on the road. He opened the door and shouted: “Hey! Look here!” The
alpacas all turned their heads and saw something flying in a parabola. After getting out, the body immediately lost control of the brain and ran through the gap in the railing to the roadside.
Some guys don’t even know why they are running. They just know that they are following the large army, which is correct.
“Quick, quick, quick!”
Old Barton panted and ran into the car, closing the door hard: “Let’s go, boss, we’re coming back again!”
Han Qianshan stepped on the accelerator, and the Hummer sped out, looking straight ahead, and said: “The roadside railings need to be repaired as soon as possible. Animals running onto the road at night may cause accidents.”
“Well, I will repair it tomorrow.”
Han Xuan had been to Shoto Town before, where he bought the mini donkey McDull.
Located in the northeast of Snow Mountain Ranch, about fifty minutes away, we approach the small town of Shoto.
The clear sky is obscured by thin dark clouds, and the spring rain is coming again.
/Old Barton was very happy about this. When the earth was irrigated by rain, the grass would begin to grow at an alarming rate.
The feeding will soon end and the cows and sheep will be allowed to graze in the wild. By then, the cowboys’ work will be much easier.
/In Montana, a good off-road vehicle is need