I must learn from Confucius and repay grievances directly!

I must learn from Confucius and repay grievances directly!
“Are you really willing to do anything?” Wang Bo stared at the woman in front of him, his eyes suddenly turned red.
“Yes, I am willing!” When Jiang Mei heard Wang Bo relaxed, she thought things had turned around and nodded quickly.
“Okay! Then, take off your clothes.” Wang Bo squeezed out a sentence from his mouth, almost gritting his teeth.
Jiang Mei thought she heard wrongly, she couldn’t believe her ears at all! But Wang Bo’s words telling her to take off her clothes clearly echoed in her mind. Jiang Mei was not a little girl, but someone who had gotten married and had children. She immediately understood what Wang Bo meant. She subconsciously let go of Wang Bo’s thigh and stood up from the ground.
“Bo’er, it won’t work.”
“Didn’t you just say anything is okay? Why not?” Wang Bo breathed heavily and stared at Jiang Mei like a lion staring at its prey.
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Wang Bo was sitting on the sofa in the reception room, drinking hot tea. The sound of gurgling water came from the bathroom next door, where Jiang Mei was taking a bath. Originally, he wanted to wash it with the other party, but Jiang Mei refused and asked him to wash it first. After having that kind of relationship with the other person, his majesty and arrogance no longer exist, so he can only wash it off first. But he was afraid that Jiang Mei would run out while he was taking a bath, so Wang Bo took a bath very quickly, leaving the door open while rinsing with hot water, multitasking and always paying attention to what was going on in the living room.
He was obviously over-worrying, and he was a bit of a villain judging a gentleman’s heart. After hurriedly washing, I came out and saw Jiang Mei sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing the clothes that had just been taken off.
“Yeah!” Jiang Mei hummed quietly, without looking at him, she went straight to the bathroom and closed the door. Soon, the sound of water spraying from