d roots, and deep eyes, which seem to hide countless things.

He is none other than Botis, the “Secret Saint”, one of the five great saints of the Aurora Society.
Botis smiled and said:
“Distance is not a problem for me.”
He immediately pulled up a chair and sat down, and said to the long and narrow shadow:
“Have everything been investigated clearly? Are there any abnormalities found?”
The shadow that almost blended into the darkness replied in a low voice:
“no problem.”
“Really?” Botis instinctively doubted the definite answer, “Xma, could this be a trap?”
“Dark Saint” Kosma of the Aurora Society slowly shook his head and said:
“The target was very discreet and definitely not intentionally exposed.
“If she hadn’t been purchasing cursed objects from ancient evil spirits, we wouldn’t have been able to detect her possible connection with the Abraham family.”
/“Saint of Secrets” Botis said as if he was thinking:
“The cursed object of the ancient resentful spirit, this is one of the main materials of the ‘Recorder’. I remember that the Abraham family does have extra brains of Asman… Oh, I am not willing to directly provide the ‘Recorder’ extraordinary characteristics. I hope to make Some of the tests were indeed the style of the Abrahams, to put it simply, lack of trust.”
“Dark Saint” Kosma did not echo Botis’s words and said to herself:
“Even though she was asking for the main ingredients of the ‘Recorder’ potion, we didn’t find any problems originally. After all, not every believer understands the corresponding occult knowledge, but she still mentioned some things related to the ‘Apprentice’ and Abraham. question.
“She is really cautious in this regard. The circle of Beyonders who asks for materials and the circle of Beyonders who ask questions are not the same. Different matters will be handled in different circles, and sometimes, she will hire other party participants in advance. Help her with her needs.
“We wouldn’t have noticed her if we didn’t have people in several of these circles who eventually compiled the information.”
“Saint of Secrets” Botis nodded slightly and turned to ask:
“Why don’t you do it directly and still come to me?”
In the shadow, darkness floated, and he replied slowly:
“The situation in Backlund is getting more and more tense. The ‘Nighthawk’, ‘Punisher’, and ‘Machine Heart’ teams are cleaning up one after another. We are being watched very closely.
“If I were to handle this matter, it would be fine if there were no accidents. If there was an accident, I wouldn’t be able to herd a ‘mystic mage’, so I might not be able to escape in time.
“Besides, aren’t you the one who is most interested in the Abraham family?”
Botis chuckled and said:
“I have no interest in them at all, I just want them all to die.
“If you want to ensure your own safety, the most important thing is to nip revenge in the cradle. This is my philosophy.”
While speaking, the “Saint of Secrets” took out a crystal ball from the hidden pocket of his black robe.
This crystal ball is neither clean nor cl