of the freshman association. Being able to establish an association as a freshman is in itself a manifestation of ability and strength.

of the freshman association. Being able to establish an association as a freshman is in itself a manifestation of ability and strength.
“Are you Yin Kuang?” At this time, one of the three sophomore association presidents, a female president, asked Yin Kuang. Yin Kuang nodded and said: “Hello. Who are you?” The female president seemed a little nervous. She said “oh” twice and said: “Hello, hello, I am the president of Jinlan Club, Xue Jinglan. Always. I’ve only heard rumors about you, but I didn’t expect to meet you in person today. I’m glad to meet you.” Yin Kuang said with a smile: “Nice to meet you. It seems that I have become a legend.” Xue Jinglan said: “It has been a legend for a long time. Since then. After you defeated Long Ming, the legend of you has been circulating in the lower grades. It’s just that you have always seen the beginning but not the end. Today, the student union suddenly informed me that all association presidents were meeting. I was wondering if I could see you, but I didn’t expect to be here. We just met.” When the other two sophomore presidents saw Yin Kuang, they really looked fearful. But they heard that this Yin Kuang was vicious and difficult to get along with.
“You’re welcome.”
At this time, the two men and one woman also came forward and said respectfully to Yin Kuang: “Hello, senior!”
Yin Kuang nodded and said “hmm” and said: “You are very good. You are only a freshman. I have already established my own association. Work hard.”
Although the two freshman association presidents did not feel the pressure from Yin Kuang, when they thought that the other party was the legendary “Lord of All Realms”, an invisible force The pressure was still on my mind. The boy said: “Juniors are scared. I must live up to the high expectations of our seniors.” The girl said: “Seniors are too praiseworthy.”
/While walking and chatting, the group came to the door of the student union office.
Aimubai originally wanted to open the door for the seniors, but he didn’t expect that the door had already opened automatically before his hand could touch it.
Yin Kuang entered first.
The size of the student union office is not fixed, it can be big or small, luxurious or simple. Since many people attended the meeting today, the space was larger and more spacious than before. The conference table was also changed from an oval to a large round table to show that everyone is equal. At this time, many people were already sitting around the big round table.
Yin Kuang saw Tan Shengge at a glance. Although a round table is used to show that everyone is equal, people tend to classify themselves. Therefore, as the first brother of the sophomore year, there were no people in the seats to the left and right of Tan Shengge. The closest to him was Li Shuangmu, who had three outsiders.
Yin Kuang walked over, sat next to Tan Shengge, and said, “You came quite early. Where is Beidao?”
As for Xue Jinglan and others who came in with Yin Kuang, they also consciously found places to sit at the same level.
After ch