NVIDIA, BebookK notebooks spun off from Apple, etc. Numerous successful cases have proven the Han family’s extraordinary ability in running businesses!

NVIDIA, BebookK notebooks spun off from Apple, etc. Numerous successful cases have proven the Han family’s extraordinary ability in running businesses!
Because it has not been acquired, the market value of General Electric, a long-established company, has recently fallen by 15%. In fact, its business situation is no problem. The reason is that Han Xuan gave up on acquiring it. Now General Electric’s CEO is separated from Sancha. Five, chat with Executive Anthony and test their ideas.
Businessmen are chasing profits, and how many people are truly sentimental? Let’s not talk about other things for the moment. After KFC was acquired by Han Xuan for about 15% of its shares, it got the Internet promotion channels of Destiny browser and WOW chat, and distributed some electronic products. Coupon, the performance in the second half of this year will increase by 22%! You must know that this is an old company, its market value has not fluctuated for a long time, and there are no new profit points!
What’s even more amazing is that their chicken suppliers began to regulate. Although some profits were reduced, their reputation suddenly surpassed that of McDonald’s, and their income was even higher!
When it comes to McDonnell Douglas, this company was acquired by Boeing just two years ago. Boeing is now competing with French Airbus. If Airbus acquired it first, Boeing would be at a disadvantage.
Boeing’s merger with McDonnell Douglas is mainly to prevent McDonnell Douglas from being merged by Airbus. After Airbus merges with McDonnell Douglas, its strength will be greater than that of Boeing, which is something Boeing does not want to see.
In addition, Boeing also values ??McDonnell Douglas’s productivity and strong research and development capabilities, especially military aircraft research and development capabilities. Boeing has not been involved in military aircraft since the end of World War II, but McDonnell Douglas is the US Air Force’s main fighter supplier, F-4 The Phantom, F-15 Eagle, and F/A-18 Hornet are all McDonnell Douglas products, and the YF-23 Black Widow was just a hair away from being selected by the U.S. Air Force.
In the research and development of civil aircraft, Boeing’s aircraft models are more advanced than those of McDonnell Douglas. Therefore, after the merger, Boeing only completed McDonnell Douglas’ unfinished orders for civil aircraft. The excess productivity was used to produce Boeing series passenger aircraft and military aircraft. Generally speaking, it is A large aircraft manufacturing company with excellent technology.
Han Xuan was very excited. He was sure to open up the Asian market. The only problem now is the lack of large aircraft products.
“Okay, you guys can decide after discussing it. If you can, buy it.”
/Han Xuan changed his shoes and walked into the room. His mother, Anya and the others were laughing. , Father Han laughed the loudest. They were watching a movie. He glanced at the TV screen and remembered that the name was “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. It wa