thirty miles.

thirty miles.
The two of them chose to live here purely because it was convenient for traveling by land and water. However, in order to cover up people’s eyes and ears, they did not leave the room at Qinhuai Inn.
After hearing the news, the two of them looked at each other. Gongsun Weiming was a little eager to give it a try, “I’ve been miserable in Western Xinjiang these days. The girl I’m looking for smells like sheep. How about we go back?”
Don’t you ? Will you die if you find a woman? Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes helplessly and looked at the children of the Gongsun family, “Is the Zhong family well-informed about the news?” “The
Zhong family is very powerful. In Jinling, as long as it is the information they want, they can’t get it.” This person answered simply, “The two people who are looking for you, Wu Zhong and her daughter, can be considered the famous people in Jinling. They were the ones who forced the last general judge to leave.”
Jinling’s general judge, this is equivalent to The existence of the deputy mayor was actually forced away by two women?
It turned out that the general judge was drinking near Yudai Road. When he saw the mother and daughter, they had amazing aura and lovely looks, so he went to invite them. The man who had never wanted to accompany them gave up and killed them on the spot. He was beaten violently and his face was scratched.
The man who caused the trouble ran away, and the Tongpan wanted to question them. However, the status of the Zhong family in Jinling was not something that he, an outsider, could shake, so the mother and daughter ignored him at all.
On the contrary, Tong Juan could no longer perform many of his official duties, and he was impeached by the tour committee, saying that he had many wrongdoings.
He had already put on a pretense on his face, and being made things so difficult for him, Tongjian was so ashamed that he could only move around and be transferred away.
“It’s better to go back and take a look.” Gongsun Weiming was twitching his index finger, but he wanted to pretend to be upright, “It would be easier to ask them to find out the news.”
Li Yongsheng thought about it, the mother and daughter had previously I don’t know what happened on the Yangtze River, probably because I have stayed in the capital for too long, and maybe someone can find out the inside story if I ask for help.
So he cast a sidelong glance at Gongsun Weiming and said with a half-smile, “I leave it to you, Weiming, to get into the enemy’s cave. I’m optimistic about you.” ”
/Can you say something more obscene about going deep into the enemy’s cave?” Gongsun Weiming burst out laughing and replied with a wink, “We have agreed first, the big one belongs to me, and the small one belongs to you. Let’s compete to see who has more capital.”
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes helplessly, “Can anyone What does the pass look like?”
“Compared with the length and thickness, you must be different.” Wei Ming’s pass is really not an ordinary dirty one. He said with a smile, “Let’s see