ing her pretty face to one side without even looking at Wen Liang. The white and tender skin covered by black hair was already completely red.

ing her pretty face to one side without even looking at Wen Liang. The white and tender skin covered by black hair was already completely red.
Wen Liang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was just a joke. How could he have expected that Ji Su would have such a big reaction? Especially when Xu Yao was confused at noon and Ji Su was flirted with in the afternoon, her mood was up and down. Uncle Wei was really hard to do! Ji Su slapped himself in the face. When will he change his bad mouth?
The result was that for the whole afternoon, Ji Su didn’t say a word to Wen Liang again. When the school bell rang, he grabbed his schoolbag and grabbed Meng. Ke’s hand turned around and ran away.
Ren Yi stared at the backs of the two women and said in surprise: “Brother Wen, is today not normal?” Ji Su would usually help Wen Liang organize the day’s homework, and would leave with Meng Ke after he left. .
/Wen Liang said with a smile: “You still care about others? Did you hear what Teacher Si said? This exam is so big, be careful if you come in at the bottom and get spanked by your dad.” Then he lowered his voice and said slyly “Even if you are not afraid of your dad, Meng Ke, if your grades are too low, be careful not to sit at the same table.”
Ren Yi was hit in a painful spot and was immediately at a loss. He said, “Brother Wen, boss, you have to help me!”
Wen Liang He snorted and glanced at the homework. Ren Yi hugged it knowingly, patted his chest and said, “I gave you the homework package. It’s absolutely foolproof! Boss, give me a tip.” Wen
Liang laughed loudly: “I’ll give it to you. Three words: There must be a road before the car reaches the mountain!”
Until Wen Liang walked far away, Ren Yi still frowned, thinking about the connection between this sentence and these three words.
Wen Liang turned a corner and came to the path on the right side of the office building. He leaned against the lamppost and stared at the lobby on the first floor. Teachers filed out one after another. Ye Yuting and Huang Mei walked out of the door chatting and laughing. Wen Liang subconsciously shrank his neck and hid behind the lamppost. After coming over for a moment, I stuck my head out and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
A few minutes later, Si Yajing walked out of the office building and paused at the steps. A gust of wind happened to blow her hair around. As the sun sets, the young woman stands like a goddess among the red clouds in the sky. She is wrapped in a black trousers and slim figure. As she moves lightly, she exudes an intoxicating charm.
/Wen Liang followed quickly, keeping a proper distance like an uncle following behind. Even though he didn’t mean it, his eyes still fell on the raised buttocks involuntarily, and he was tightly attracted to that square inch like a magnet. between.
After leaving the school gate, Si Yajing got on the 77 bus, which was the most crowded time of the day. Wen Liang sighed and squeezed forward. There were some things you couldn’t ask in school, especially when people were