ere were no signs of human activity on the spacecraft, and almost all the equipment was in a dormant state.

ere were no signs of human activity on the spacecraft, and almost all the equipment was in a dormant state.
Could this be a ghost ship?
Liu Fei’s eyes kept switching between the lenses on the holographic screen, trying to find any clues.
Everything seemed normal yet weird.
The holographic image formed by thirty combat mechs had almost no blind spots, and the scavenger spacecraft showed no signs of fighting.
Now, there is only one last place left: the control room.
This is the last hope.
However, this reason could not convince Liu Fei. After all, the crew had no reason to leave more than 90% of a spacecraft in a cold vacuum state. Moreover, the main engine maintained a constant speed, and there was no need to shut down some low-energy-consuming engines. life cycle system.
“The life cycle system of the main control room is open, there is no one, Mr. Captain.”
After a steel gate was opened, a spacious space appeared on the holographic screen, and the indicator lights inside were like stars in the sky twinkling softly. The lights are on. However, there were no signs of life. The main optical brain was in an automatic cruise state, and the transceiver device of the main optical brain was also working normally.
If anyone is there, this is undoubtedly a scavenger spacecraft in normal sailing condition.
“Check the optical brain voyage log.”
“The voyage log is in a stagnant state. The stasis time was two months ago. Two months ago, everything was normal in the voyage log.”
There was no clue.
There are no clues.
The crew of this scavenger spacecraft seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, and it had become a ghost ship without people two months ago.
It turns out that this scavenger spacecraft has become a ghost ship in the vast universe.
Looking at the constant flow of feedback, Liu Fei’s brain was calculating rapidly and his brows were furrowed. Everything was a little weird, and he vaguely seemed to have grasped something. However, this feeling was fleeting, and when he tried to think about it carefully, everything became normal again.
Something’s wrong there!
Liu Fei always felt that something was wrong there.
“What happened?” Liu Fei frowned.
“Who are they?” Liu Fei frowned.
/The image on the holographic screen kept shaking, as if it was subject to electronic interference. After a series of flashes, the holographic screen was completely blurred.
“Armed ship No. 3 returns.” Liu Fei clenched his fists, his eyes like blades.
“Yes, Captain.”
/Liu Fei immediately took the shuttle boat and rushed to the Fox. At the same time, the thirty combat mechs on the Scavenger spacecraft began to retreat.
Liu Fei did not board the Fox.
When Liu Fei’s tender completed the collar air pressure connection with Fox’s good hatch, the Fox did not open the hatch.
The Fox suddenly maintained its normal cruising speed but shut down all communication systems.
At this moment, this huge luxury spaceship also turned into a lifeless ghost ship.
“The Fox has completely shut down the communicatio