t is stored in my mobile phone. Boss Yu is him.” “Where is

t is stored in my mobile phone. Boss Yu is him.” “Where is
the mobile phone?”
“In the bedroom. ”
Xiao Xu, bring over the phone.”
Shi Jian didn’t lie this time. There was indeed a “Boss Yu” in the phone book. As expected, there was a call record with “Boss Yu” nine days ago.
Ding Xinqiang was ecstatic, but he was not stupid enough to call “Boss Yu”. Instead, he handed the phone to his subordinates and asked them to report this important situation to the headquarters immediately.
Xiao Xu, a police officer from the Serious Crime Brigade, just took the mobile phone and walked to the balcony. Ding Xinqiang picked up his mobile phone again, opened the electronic map in the mobile phone, zoomed in to the location of Tenglong Industrial Zone, sat next to Shi Jian, held up the mobile phone and asked: “9 days ago Where did you see him, and where did you pick up the two young men?”
/The police not only knew what happened nine days ago, but also knew a lot, and knew it in such detail.
This situation was equally important. Ding Xinqiang immediately raised his head and winked at another criminal police officer from the Criminal Investigation Bureau.
Detective Xiao Huang tacitly ran out of the living room with the walkie-talkie and went to the corridor to report to the money bureau who should have arrived at Tenglong Industrial Zone by now.
“What about those two young men? How did you arrange them after you received them?”
The police are obviously arresting “Boss Yu” all over the world. I don’t know how big of a deal “Boss Yu” has committed!
It seemed that the smuggling matter could not be concealed even if he wanted to. Not telling the truth would only make it more troublesome. Shi Jian took a deep breath and said cautiously: “We happened to pick up the goods that night, so we took them to the beach and sent them to the big beach.” Fei’, we didn’t go up, and we don’t know where they went.”
“Who else besides you?”
I accidentally let it slip, but even if I hadn’t, I couldn’t hide it.
Shi Jian touched his mouth and said frustratedly: “Mo Xuguang, it’s just the two of us, no one else.” ” Where’s
/Da Fei Shang?”
“Da Fei Shang is from Hong Kong.”
“A few Hong Kong people, what are their names?”
Shi Jian An His psychological defense was completely broken, and he answered all questions, and it didn’t look like he was lying.
However, all he explained was about smuggling, and he knew very little about “Boss Yu”.
What’s even more ridiculous is that he and Mo Xuguang went to Tenglong Industrial Zone to pick up Qian Xiaowu and Zong Hao, and sent Qian Xiaowu and Zong Hao to “Dafei” for smuggling electronic products. It was purely “voluntary labor” and completely It was a favor to my colleagues in Hong Kong, and I didn’t get a penny.
Smuggling is another case. Now that he has been found and confessed, he must be taken back. Just when Ding Xinqiang carefully searched Shi Jian’s house, confirmed that nothing was missing, and brought Shi Jian downstairs, Based on the clues provided here, Qian Dahai