mes and unit crimes. It is more difficult to hold them criminally responsible.”

mes and unit crimes. It is more difficult to hold them criminally responsible.”
“Are we just going to let them go?” Lao Lu was unhappy and glared at the boss.
“Of course not.”
Han Bo smiled and said with determination: “We must teach them, especially their leaders, a lesson so that they can remember it and come back to my village to capture the old factory director’s heart after they die. After all, the jurisdiction is so large. If they don’t give up and want to do some tricks, we will have no way to prevent them, unless we ask the old factory director to move his home to the police station.”
That’s right, Liangzhuang cadres only take advantage and don’t suffer any losses, how can they let people go after being bullied to the point of being bullied?
Lao Lu was very satisfied. He took the cigarette from Commissar Yuan’s hand and took a nice puff.
/“The vehicle they used to commit the crime was the white Jetta downstairs. It was not private, not from the police station, but from the village. It was used by the party committee secretary when he returned to his hometown. It was specially lent to the police station for the convenience of coming to our Jiang Province to arrest the old factory director. If you use it, the driver is also an employee of the township.”
Han Bo paused and changed the subject: “Since it is a tool for committing crimes, we have the right to confiscate it. What’s more, their township party committee secretary is the mastermind in this matter. Too far, don’t take him. The solution is that we will confiscate his car so that he has no car to ride in. From now on, he will only use bicycles or motorcycles to travel.”
Southerners are used to buying Santana, and northerners like to buy Jetta.
I’m used to looking at Santana, but I don’t like the Jetta no matter what, but it’s still worth hundreds of thousands. The young man was right, the guy was hiding too far away and there was nothing we could do to him except to get a car.
Lao Lu knocked on the table and lamented: “Our Liangzhuang has no foreign debt and the economy is relatively good in the county, but I don’t even have a special car! The party secretary of a poor township is actually provided with a special car. It’s so corrupt. No wonder it can’t be done well. No wonder you want to engage in these crooked ways.”
You don’t have a special car, but you “borrow” the Audi at the construction station all day long, what’s the difference between getting a special car?
/Political Commissar Yuan no longer covered his mouth, and simply put his elbows on the conference table, covering his entire face with his hands, leaving only his eyes exposed, for fear that Lao Lu would see him unable to control his laughter.
Deputy Director Shi also couldn’t help but want to laugh. He hurriedly held his head with both hands and rubbed his temples with his thumbs, pretending to be having a headache from this incident.
Lao Lu likes to brag. He always talks about others. He only criticizes but does not criticize himself. Liangzhuang cadres take it for